Semi-Automatic Glass Cutting Machine


This Glass Cutting machine is specially designed for cutting glass Mosaics with high accuracy and efficiency.
The distance between cutting heads can be adjusted manually.  When the space of the cutting head will be set so after that move horizontal and vertical bridge for cutting,

Technical parameter:

  1. Highly efficient and easy operation for square and straight cutting/line cutting.
  2. The minimum cutting size is 20mm x 20mm
  3. Easy to use and replace cutter wheels
  4. high precision and best for bulk production

Product Specification:

Outline dimension 2050*2050*1200mm
Tabletop size 4’ X 3’ & 8’ X 4’
Glass sheet size Standard Avaliable as per Table Size
Minimum cutting size 20mm X 20 mm
Cutting glass thickness 1mm upto 12mm
Cutting accuracy Based on Adjustment



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